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Alpha Phi has been on the West Chester University campus since 1971.
Our National Founding Date is September 30, 1872 at Syracuse University.




Lily of the Valley

Ivy Leaf

"The ivy vine of friendship is a lovely thing to share.
Planted with affection it will flourish anywhere.
Each year it grows in quiet strength and nothing can destroy.
The twining deep within the heart of those who know its joy."
~Author Unknown

Official Jewel


The Alpha Phi Foundation
Cardiac Care

"Union Hand in Hand"

Brother Fraternity
Delta Chi

The Alpha Phi Quarterly

The Alpha Phi Quartely first appeared in July, 1888.
The Quarterly is the fourth oldest of the sorority magazines and is publicated four times a year.

The Alpha Phi crest is composed of the Alpha Phi coat of arms with a bordeaux shield
and a scroll and ivy leaf above it. Our coat-of-arms was adopted in 1922.
In silver Greek letters on the scroll is our public motto, "Union Hand in Hand."
The upper half contains a Roman lamp and the lower contains Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper.
The use of the crest is reserved for initiated members.

The Alpha Phi Badge
The official Alpha Phi badge is an unjeweled monogram of gold,
showing the symbol of Alpha superimposed upon the symbol of Phi,
inscribed with the small Greek letters a o e in black.
We wear our badges as jewelery, and we wear them proudly!

New Member Pin
The new member pin is a silver ivy leaf with the letters Alpha Phi.
This pin is worn during the new member pledge period until they recieve the Alpha Phi Badge.

The Loving Cup
The loving cup is an important part of Alpha Phi tradition.

Alpha Phi Creed
"I believe in my Fraternity.
I believe in the friendships formed in the springtime of my youth.
I believe in its high ideals which lift me up beyond myself.
I believe in its earnest drive for good scholarship, moral character, and genuine culture.
I believe in it as a shrine of international sisterhood wherein
I may find love and loyalty, sympathy and understanding, inspiration, and opportunity.
I believe in it as a creator of good citizenship, helping me to do my work well,
to live in harmony with my fellow men, and to serve my country and to trust in God.
I believe in my Fraternity.
I believe in Alpha Phi."

Alpha Phi Milestones